Revolutionizing Data Collection. Introducing a Cross-Industry Scalable Data Management Platform"

CONCISE is Enhancing Efficiency Through Automated Remote Site Field Data Collection

Scope 1: Design and develop digital engineering equipment and solutions to automate critical data collection, storage, and distribution.

Scope 2: Implement communications and data transfer protocols in remote areas.

Scope 3: Develop and deploy monitoring and management services as part of our extended services.

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CONCISE understands the importance of data to the success of a project. We provide scalable site surveillance, direct two-way site communication, automated data collection, and transmittal to desired teams, offices, investors, and storage locations, such as cloud storage and backup. Our NEXUS site monitoring units collect images and stream live video while transmitting data on the project's current status and progress. NEXUS store and supply plans, permits, and inspection results and can facilitate communication when utilities and services are not available. Utilizing user-friendly, networkable equipment, AI...

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Data & analytics
Online customer support
Technical training & education
Network & Infrastructure management
AI auto identify & scheduling
Technical security & access control
Video streaming & streaming
Cloud migration & integration
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Managed IT services & support
Consulting & implementation
Software & Hardware upgrades
Onsite & remote support
Outsourced IT services
3D Scanning service
3d Scan enhancement
Stack programming
Blockchain integration

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NEXUS is a stand alone equipment powered by an integrated solar charged power bank and operated through artificial intelligence. The system can monitor in high definition, automate data collection, storage, software integration, and distribution in real time and on demand. It is an easy to integrate, expandable, cost cutting solution that is simple to run […]

Introducing a Cross-Industry Data Collection Revolution: Unleashing the Power of a Scalable Platform

Welcome CONCISE’S - PORTALS 3D Scanning Service: Unlocking Possibilities through 3D Technology

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